Wisdom – James 3:13-18

Wisdom may be the world’s greatest need and yet is probably the only thing one cannot order on Amazon! An Amazon search reveals that out of 184,000 results, the best we can do is a best-selling book by Oprah which details “life-changing” conversations with various “spiritual people”. Trust me, there is nothing meaningful these experts say that has not already been said in the Bible!

If Solomon is right, and wisdom if the principal thing, and other non-biblical sources agree with him even saying that “practical wisdom is the key to happiness” (Barry Schwartz – TED Talk), then we should figure out where to get it and how to know if we have it. Enter James, the half-brother of Jesus who wrote a nuts and bolts letter to the church. This guy means business and has no time for talk; he is all about action! In chapter 3 he challenges his readers to show they are wise and gives a test to know if you are using earthly or heavenly wisdom.