Romans 9:25-33; 10:1-4

As we continue studying Paul’s concern for his Jewish countryman in Romans chapter 9 you might say, “I’m not a Jew, so who cares!?” Well, given that the mistake the Jews were making is one that people today can make it’s important for us to listen in and understand.

Have you heard the saying, “So close, yet so far away?” That doesn’t just explain Israel’s predicament, but also many churchgoing people. After all, Israel, in their self-established traditions and formalities and religious routines, completely missed God! They had religion in their heads but God was absent from their hearts. God offers a complete and close relationship with Him as a gift to be received and not a right to be earned. Our relationship with Him is based on His mercy and sustained by His unconditional love. We come to him by trusting that He wants us to come and those that respond to His invitation are richly rewarded!

These truths that Paul shares through the end of chapter 9 and into chapter 10 are important, vital and life changing. Listen in as Pastor Steve shares these truths.