Romans 9:1-24

Having reached the summit of God’s grace at the end of Romans chapter eight we concluded that “nothing can separate us from the love of God.” Chapter nine moves us into the next section — comprising chapters 9-11— a section we’re calling the “Synagogue of Israel.” Now we will see how God’s grace includes His plan for Israel! Chapter nine is the first step along the path, looking at God’s dealings with the Jewish people. As he rejoices over being so secure in Christ, Paul remembers his Jewish friends and family that have rejected Jesus and blamed Paul for rejecting Moses and his own heritage.

The main theme of Romans chapter nine is God’s sovereignty; the big question that comes from this chapter is, “Does God create some people just to destroy them?” If some are chosen to be saved, does that (by association) mean that some are not chosen and won’t be saved?

If you have heard of “Calvinism” or “predestination” then this chapter is absolutely essential for your understanding! Listen in as Pastor Steve sets the context for this important section, gives us a look ahead to see where we are going, and then follows the steps to get there!