Romans 8:18-26

Paul continues to lay out the amazing grace of God in Romans chapter 8; the grace by which His Spirit lives in us, changes us, and makes us a child of God. These are things that “rule keeping” can never do.

Two more things we learn in the next section: the Spirit gives us hope and the Spirit helps us pray. Both of these are in the context of hardships. Why doesn’t God protect His children from suffering? Why is the world so messed up? If God is good, why does He allow hardship and sickness and broken relationships and school shootings and tsunamis and all the rest? Why are relationships so hard? Why is addiction so tough to conquer? When will the battle be over?

The main words used in this next section are “hope” and “eagerly wait”. A hope for something that we don’t have now but can be confident is coming. What are we hoping for? Will it ever come? Can we be sure? Listen in as Pastor Steve takes us through this next section of the power book of Romans!