Romans 8:1-11

We are now entering Romans 8, which is just a continuation of what the apostle Paul has been discussing in Chapter 7: we are in the “Power Plant” — where we discover the power source for living the Christian life! We know it is in not in our own power to live a life pleasing to God — that was the topic of chapter 7 that ends with Paul declaring what a wretched man he was! As the song states, it was amazing grace that saved a wretch like me.

So do you want to know how to live this new life pleasing to God? Listen in as Pastor Steve opens Romans 8 and we find out how to be exempt from the law of sin and death. No condemnation, no punishment, no death! That sounds pretty important, so how it work? Not by religious rules and rituals! Listen in as Paul tells us how in Romans chapter 8.