Romans 7:7-25

This next section in Romans chapter 7 is for every Christian that feels liken they are failing to be a “good Christian”. Is your experience unique? Is there something wrong with you? You are coming to church and learning about God and agreeing with truth and trying really hard to do better. But you just keep falling back into old patterns and making the same mistakes. Paul’s experience is so familiar and highlights the “double nature” of people! Yes, God’s people. By the end of this section, Paul is forced to admit failure and cry out for help. He is torn by the inner conflict of wanting to please God and to please self. He is face to face with the monster of sin and law has failed to tame it. What next? How do we get free from sin? Listen in as Pastor Steve finishes out this important section of Romans. And then come back because the crescendo of Paul’s message is coming as we move into chapter 8!