Romans 16:1-16

We are now entering the final chapter of our “Amazing Grace” study through the book of Romans!  And don’t think Romans 16 is a “throw away” chapter!  Yes its the end of the letter, but don’t give up now.  In some ways this is one of my favorite chapters!  In chapter 16, the “greeting chapter,” we are reminded that the letter Paul wrote was not to nameless and faceless people.  We are reminded that ministry builds relationships and relationships build ministry!  He mentions 27 people (including Phoebe in verse 1) by name and gives some details about his relationships with them!  With some he shared living space or prison space, with others he labored for Jesus.  Behind every name is a story about Paul’s Holy Spirit-led, gospel-spreading network!
So, as we start the home stretch we see that this final chapter of Romans is about getting and being connected!  One of the biggest complaints I hear is that people have a hard time “connecting”.  We will explore the idea as it relates to the internet and the giant Redwood trees.  They both have something to add to the very personal aspect of Romans 16.
Listen in as Pastor Steve opens up chapter 16 with Paul’s greetings and final words to the church in Rome.