Romans 14:14-23

As we continue in Romans chapter 14, this will be our second of three messages concerning “gray matters:” those issues of opinion, preference, and conviction that are not clearly outlined in God’s Word.  If we are going to live by grace and not law, then we have to figure out some things!  Am I free, in terms of the security of my relationship with God, to watch R rated movies, get a tattoo, eat any kind of food I want, have a glass of wine or go to yoga class?
Last week we learned that we cannot pressure other people to conform to our convictions!  People should not live to please us.  Jesus is their master, not me!
This week we discuss the balance of freedom and love.  I think we know instinctively that in a healthy community, freedom has limitations, right?  That is why laws exist: to protect freedoms.  I am free to own things and another person is not free to steal them from me! Yet, I think we all recognize that we live in a time where everyone demands their rights!  This seems to be the most important thing to many: my personal rights!
But in the church where there is grace and not law, how do we handle Christian freedom and rights?  Am I free to enjoy a bottle of wine?  I have the right to watch what I want to watch, wear what I want to wear, and eat what I want to eat, right?  After all, I am free in Christ and I would never compromise that.
Listen in and learn what real freedom is and how walking is love is more important that walking in freedom!