Romans 14:1-13

One of the cool things we enjoy at Calvary Chapel Fluvanna is tremendous diversity — all kinds of diversity. We have age diversity, some racial diversity, economic diversity, and the one I want to discuss today is “spiritual diversity”.  What does that mean?
It means that on any given Sunday, sitting in the seats are people that are fairly new believers and those that have been believers a long time. It means we have former Catholics, Episcopalians, Mennonite, Mormons, Methodists, and Baptists; and I am sure I left some out!  Every one of these believers comes with their own convictions about how Christians should behave: what we can enjoy and what we should restrict!
Is it necessary to get dressed up in a suit and tie or can I come to church in casual clothing?  Can I watch R rated movies?  What about dancing?  What about music choices?  Is it better to homeschool or send our kids to public school?  Do dietary laws still apply today?  Can I do yoga?
These, and many other things, fall into the category of “gray matters”.  There is a reason people in the church debate certain issues and that is because they are debatable!  The Bible does not give a black and white answer but tradition, generation, and church culture may influence our convictions about certain things.  So how do we handle this?  What do we do when we see someone else enjoying what we think they should be resisting?   The root of legalism is making my personal convictions everyone’s command!
I believe this will be hugely educational and helpful as we look for wisdom and love in the middle of debatable issues in spiritual life!  These things that threaten to divide and polarize can actually help us learn grace.
Listen in as we study through this first section of Romans chapter 14 and discuss these “gray matters!”