Romans 13:8-14

We continue is this very practical section of the book of Romans, as Paul shows how grace influences our relationships, even our relationship with governing authorities, from elected officials to sports referees!  Having left us with a discussion about paying people what they are owed — including our taxes — we come again to more personal relationships.
Have you ever over-slept?  You know the feeling: one too many snoozes of the alarm, falling back asleep and then waking up to see that you are late!  Ok, now the stage is set.  Your imagination is engaged and you are wondering what in the world this has to do with Romans 13!  The image of oversleeping is not mine, but Paul’s!  He imagines the scene but in a spiritual context!  He encourages a dozing church to wake up and smell the coffee.  He challenges them to get dressed and get going.
If that was true for them at that time, I think it is more true for us and the contemporary church.  Listen in as Pastor Steve takes us through the second half of Romans chapter thirteen See if you can hear the alarm, or are you still asleep?