Romans 13:1-7

As we open up Romans chapter 13 we have our chance to discuss politics and religion from God’s word on the same morning!  That should make for an interesting study!
As followers of Jesus in the first century and the 21st century we have discussed our relationship to God and to each other.  What about our relationship to government?  How does our thinking about government need to change?  Whether you are a Jew living in ancient Rome or an African American living in Palmyra, human government has always been controversial, right? God has much to say to us about how we handle authority and the authorities in our lives. Paul speaks of it in Romans 13 and Peter mentions it in 1 Peter 2.  Paul discusses this with Timothy in 1 Tim 2 and to his other ministry intern, Titus, in Titus 3.  Even Jesus discussed his own Kingdom which was not of this world.
Where does authority come from?  Is God sovereign over both good and evil rulers?  What about the topic of “separation of church and state?”  Was our own country founded on rebellion against authority? We will grapple with all these important questions as we open up Romans chapter 13; listen in as Pastor Steve unpacks this important chapter.