Romans 12:9-21

This section of Romans 12 is an extremely practical passage revealing God’s outline for relationships in His family and beyond. Through these verses we see what the church can be when our opinion of ourselves is lowered because our opinion of God is elevated: genuine love, family-like affection for each other, continuing in prayer, blessing those who curse us, and much more!
As we study verses 9-21 we will be having a necessary and frank discussion about relationships God-style!  How are our relationships with each other transformed when God is at the center of our lives?  How is the church transformed when we think differently about each other and our priorities.  How can we invite people to a holy (different) God when the church behaves just like the world?
You do not want to miss the practical and challenging teaching of Romans 12:9-21; listen in as Pastor Steve shares these important truths!