Romans 12:3-8

After 11 chapters of the truth about God’s grace, last time we were together in Romans we saw the opening of chapter 12 getting very practical. In those opening verses of chapter 12, Paul challenges us to present our bodies to God! This is the beginning of long lasting and true transformation. This is when we begin to see God’s will working in and through our lives. This is when the changes become internal and not just external.

So, if I give my body (life) to God, what will he make me do? This is a scary thing, right? Verses 3-8 give the starting point for the first changes that happen when you stop trying to be like worldly people and start being godly! What do you think Paul hits on first? Maybe you would think that the first thing would be to tell them to go out and evangelize? Or maybe to join a local church? Or get new clothes?

Listen in as Pastor Steve reveals what Paul does address as he talks about this transformation. As you might expect, these are very important issues in life and the church!