Romans 12:1-2

Continuing our study in Romans, Paul, having finished the section in chapters 9-11 dealing with Israel, now turns his attention to the church, and so do we!
After eleven chapters spilling over with the discussion of, and argument for, being saved by grace and not religious performance, Paul will not neglect to bring it home to our practical lives!  What we believe will always impact how we behave. These final chapters of Romans are intensely practical, and in chapter twelve Paul wastes no time getting to the heart of the matter within the life of the church: what do we mean when we talk about “worship”?  For some, including the religious Jews, worship involves carefully planned and performed ceremonies, meticulously conducted by only the select few while others participate with fear that they might make a mistake or misstep and bring down the wrath of God!
For others worship is the emotional feeing of letting loose altogether and raising hands and singing and having a feeing that we have experienced God in some way that might even include incense, candles, chanting, or other sensory stimulus.
In this passage, Romans 12:1-2, Paul gets right to the issue of worship in terms that would be understandable by Jew and Gentile alike. Listen in as Pastor Steve covers these two power-packed verses that open Romans chapter twelve. As a side benefit you’ll hear how modern scientific discovery about the human brain is catching up with what Paul wrote over 2000 years ago!