Romans 11:13-36

As we finish up Romans chapter 11 today, we close out this section of Romans we’ve entitled the “Synagogue of Israel.” If you do a quick breeze through the book of Acts, you will see that Paul the apostle would first visit the local synagogue and give them first “dibs” on the good news.  When the Jews would reject it, Paul would reach out to then Gentiles!  See Acts 13:46 and 18:6 for particularly strong examples.
Given his experiences we can see why Paul, seeing this pattern of rejection over and over again, would have been so troubled by it. Here are the very people of God with all of their heritage and privileges, and they have rejected Jesus! Paul was so heartbroken over this.  But, Paul saw the brilliance of a bigger plan at work!  That plan is laid out in the rest of Romans chapter 11.
Listen in and understand the plan God has for the Jewish people and how that plan is unfolding. May God give us a love and appreciation for the Jewish heritage of the church!