Romans 10:14-21; 11:1-12

While Paul is specifically burdened for the salvation of his own people, the Jews, this section of Romans has broad application, even to us today! Romans 10:14-17 has lit the fire under the “missionary movement” of the church for centuries. However, at times the fire for missions has been burning hotter than others. What is the status of that fire in our time? How about in your heart? As we talk about Paul’s hope for the religious Jews to know and believe God’s unconditional love for them, we can imagine people all over the world who have no Bible teaching church, no missionary, no understanding of the true and living God, no word of God. Its hard to imagine!

The truth about Jesus is not just about where people spend eternity. It changes how they live now, how they think about family, children, God and themselves. If God’s word is for everyone, and whoever calls on the name of God will be saved, and God has chosen to use human messengers—like Paul himself—to take His message around the world, why don’t we see more people going?

As we discuss this topic, we will talk about people like Isaiah, Jonah, and a Samaritan woman—all whose lives God used to spread the knowledge of Himself. But maybe the most important lesson we will learn is from an unexpected source. What do four lepers in the book of 2 Kings have to do with our study? Listen in as Pastor Steve takes on this next section of Romans, continuing our study as Paul lays out his heart to the church in Rome.