Psalm 51

As we sit between our studies of 1st Corinthians and 2nd Corinthians, we will be taking a break from the beloved Apostle Paul, and instead talk about King David and Psalm 51!

For some Psalm 51 is familiar territory. For others, you will be in for a treat! Psalm 51 is a song (poetry) written by David at a very crucial and difficult time in his life. We have studied the events that sparked the writing of this Psalm over the last two Wednesday nights. What were the events? Some military victory for the warrior king? A regal building project to commemorate his reign? If only life were so simple.

In fact, at a time when David seemed to have it all, and to be unstoppable, he hit an all time low. He made some immoral choices that cost people their lives. One lie led to another lie and David was entangled in a web of sin. Thinking he covered his tracks, he sat on the guilt and conviction for a whole year! But God knew he needed healing on the inside.

Listen in as Pastor Steve shares a message: “How do I move forward when I can’t change the past?