Galatians 6:11-18

We are now bringing to conclusion our study in the Book of Galatians as we get a grip on Paul’s closing remarks.  We have followed his argument and appeal to the young Christians in the region of Galatia— stand firmly in the freedom from religious performance that Christ brought, and walk in the Spirit!  That’s a basic summary.

Taking the pen from his scribe, he ends with a few pointed remarks about the troublemakers in the Galatian congregation.  Their actions are connected to very impure motives.  How does Paul know?  They are just like he used to be.

Paul lobs a well placed “truth bomb” just before he closes the letter. He reveals the truth about the thing that has mattered most to him and the thing that his whole life and identity are built on.

Listen in for the gripping and powerful conclusion of Galatians and be challenged!