Galatians 5:7-15

We are systematically making our way through Galatians 5 and will look at nine verses tomorrow: verses 7-15. The argument for the need for the church to have rules to govern behavior is that if people are told they are free, they will just indulge sin!  “Pastor, people need rules and guilt and pressure or they will just do whatever they want!” one might say.

Well….people who haven’t experienced real transformation might need rules and consequences to constrain behaviour, but the Spirit-filled believer has something much more powerful!

Reading over and studying this passage you will find that this section outlines about ten or eleven reasons why legalism is unhealthy and inappropriate for the church!
What controls our behaviour?  Why is legalism so detrimental to a vibrant Christian life? Listen in and see what God has to say through Paul and we continue studying through this important book.