Galatians 5:16-26

Although the Bible is not a psychology book, it has much to say about the soul and the inner life of a human being. And when the Bible speaks about those subjects, it is profound. Galatians 5:16-26 is one of those passages!

The BIG question Paul has to answer is this: “Without law, how do we deal with those nagging inner cravings and drives for forbidden or immoral things? Law is the best thing we have to control people’s behavior, right? And the answer to immorality is more laws, right? Paul says… WRONG!

Law is all the world has to try to cope with the hurtful and hateful drives of human nature. Have you watched the news recently? If law worked, we wouldn’t need “law enforcement” and prisons. Prisons are full and over capacity and despite all of our sophisticated laws, humanity doesn’t seem to be improving.

God has something far superior to law for managing—and transforming—human behavior. This is the subject that is central to our passage and I hope you will listen in and let your mind be challenged by the word of God! It might be a good time to invite someone to watch!