Galatians 5:1-10

Galatians chapter five represents a transition from the first four chapters that were highly persuasive and theological regarding our relationship to God the Father.

In chapter 5, Paul shows the Galatians what freedom really looks like and how truly free people really live by the Spirit and Love — not by law.  In the discussion of “religious freedom”, Paul’s concern was the Christian would be free from legalistic religion and free to love people.

Legalistic thinking had hindered their progress in Christ!  What about you?  Do you still hold on to the mindset—maybe subtly or not so subtly—that Christ is not enough?  Do you feel obligated to tithe, read a certain Bible translation, wear certain clothes, worship on a certain day?  What if you were to fail to do those things you consider essential?  What would change?  Your answers to these questions is essential to a solid understanding of genuine Christianity!