Galatians 4:21-31

We will finish chapter 4 of Galatians in today’s message, and find yet another angle Paul takes in his attempt to rescue the people who are being coerced back into a rules-based, immature, slave-type relationship with God!  His last approach is an “allegorical” look at a well known Old Testament account from Genesis.

“But Pastor, it’s MOTHER’S DAY!  Are you going to do a message about mothers?”  Well, in fact the Lord has arranged an interesting passage that centers on not one, but two very important women (moms), their sons, and what their lives represent!

Who are the women?  Hagar and Sarah.  Who are the sons?  Isaac and Ishmael. What do their lives represent?  To tell you that would be to spoil the message for tomorrow!  But I think by now you might be able to guess — or you can read ahead and discover it for yourself!