Galatians 4:1-11

I hope we can begin to regain some of that momentum as we roll back into Galatians, picking up where we left off at the beginning of chapter 4! It’s been a few weeks so we’ll catch up a bit with a brief review at the start!

For now, the question I want you to think about is: “How many different relational terms are used to describe our relationship with God?  For instance, we are the bride of Christ.  That’s one.  Can you think of others?  Is there one that you tend to think about most often?

In Galatians 4, Paul uses some super important relationship illustrations that may be deeply impactful— maybe even liberating—to you, especially if you have come from a very “rules oriented” church background.

The bottom line question is, “When it comes to your relationship to God, do you feel more like a slave or a son (daughter)?  Do you even know the difference?  Why is the difference important?
Oh my….wait until you see what comes next!