Galatians 3:19-28

This week we pick back up in Paul’s letter to the churches of Galatia.  We will be back finishing up the bulk of chapter three, and I think you will be encouraged and enlightened by it!

We have spent a lot of time discussing “the law“—those regulations and rituals and stipulations that govern behavior and relationships. Paul has been pretty negative about the law in favor of the Spirit and grace. He’s all about Abraham and ignoring Moses!

This inevitably brings up some really important questions; questions Paul will address in this next section. What questions? If it has always been by faith, then why did God bother to give the Law! What purpose does the Law serve if not to demonstrate our righteousness by keeping it? If you continue to struggle with feeling like love is something you and others have to earn, then you cannot miss this! If you wonder how a person is supposed to live if they can’t turn to the rulebook for directions, then listen in to this important message about God’s grace.