Galatians 3:10-18

Feedback from the past several weeks suggests that many are being impacted by the truths of Galatians and many are sensing the Lord working through this study, and specifically on the topic of the grace of God. We will continue to wrap our heads around law, grace, and the experience of Abraham.

We can study about grace, talk about grace, and even know about God’s grace, but how do you know when you really “get it”? How do you know when you begin to LIVE grace. Has grace invaded your mind so that it affects your relationships, marriage, parenting, and work life?  

In Galatians 3:11, Paul states that “the just shall live by faith”.  That statement shows up four times in the Bible! I bet you would like to know where, right? Well, for that you will have to listen in to this week’s message. However, I will remind you that Paul only had the Old Testament at his disposal and that is where Paul quotes it from! It’s a pretty obscure and short OT book with an interesting context.

Are you curious? Then listen in and see and learn more as we dig into the depths of God’s grace in this letter to the Galatians!