Galatians 2:11-21

We continue making our way through Galatians as we learn to see Christianity clearly. The end of chapter two recounts a situation that divided the thriving church in Antioch. Paul publicly confronts Peter about being a hypocrite! Have you ever been confronted publicly? How did you feel? Talk about socially challenging and awkward

Although we will talk a little about confrontation and hypocrisy, this is not the gist or the purpose for Paul to include this information in his letter. Then what is the gist? Listen in to hear the details of Paul’s purpose and intent for this story!

But for now, we get one of the great and defining verses of the New Testament in Paul’s lecture to Peter. Galatians 2:20 is worth memorizing. In that one sentence Paul lays out the Christian life apart from the law. With one swoosh of the pen, Paul reveals the way he thinks about his past and his present life and even includes the deep motives of his heart!