Galatians 2:1-10

We now pick up where we left off in Galatians, in chapter 2 verses 1-10.  As we focus in the beginning of 2020 on “seeing Christianity clearly“, we see the Apostle Paul fighting to defend the idea/truth that acceptance by God is based on a willingness to trust Him and not adherence to tradition, as important as tradition may be.

Every age has its spiritual battles to fight. In our own day the church is being tragically divided over same sex marriage and homosexualtiy. In the earliest days of the church, the issue was circumcision. For us, circumcision is for most a medical or hygiene decision made at birth for boys.  But for the Jew, it was a matter of acceptance by God. The big question was, “Can a person be accepted by God without submitting themselves to ritually religious circumcision” and all that it meant.

Paul is willing to die on the hill of grace. For him there is no compromise on this issue. It is central to salvation itself

Listen in and see how Paul defends both the message of grace and his authority to spread it to ethnic groups other than Jews!