Easter 2018: Ephesians 2

After Christ was crucified on Friday, He was buried before sundown so the Jews could observe their sabbath, Saturday.  There is only one reference to any events that happened on Saturday, and it is a mention of the Pharisees going to Pilate to ask for a guard at the tomb.  Other than that, the Scriptures are silent.
But Holy Saturday yields to Resurrection Sunday!  It starts with women, including Mary Magdalene, coming to the tomb early to bring spices, and, well, you know the rest of the story!
Now, I think we all have no problem agreeing that Jesus rose from the dead 2000 years ago.  Instead of arguing the proof points of the resurrection this Easter I will simply refer you to the Book of Acts, chapter 1, where Luke the author of that book tells us that Jesus presented Himself ALIVE by many infallible proofs!
So the question we deal with on this Easter, we know that Jesus is alive, but what about you? Are you alive?  Now of course you are biologically alive or you wouldn’t be reading this. But what impact does the resurrection of Jesus have on you? Yes, I know it means eternal life, and that is worth celebrating all by itself. But don’t tell me you are one of those Christians just killing time until heaven. If that is the case then you have missed a huge and vital aspect of the resurrection.
Listen in as we look at a passage from the Ephesians chapter 2 tomorrow and discuss life! You too can celebrate the resurrection and be made alive in Christ!