Daniel 9:20-27

Given the state of our world in 2020 and current events in America, I know many of you are paying close attention to prophecy—what does God’s word say about future things! Many are curious as to how the events taking place and what we see in America fit into God’s picture of the future of planet Earth. We have talked about much of this over the last number of weeks in previous chapters of Daniel.

Well, Daniel 9:20-27 may just be the most important—and most debated—prophecy in the entire Bible. It is comprehensive, concise, and cryptic. It is God’s answer to Daniel’s prayer and it is known as Daniel’s “70 Weeks Prophecy”.

The interesting thing to note is that if you want to be a really astute student of current events and the big picture of Bible prophecy, then get your eyes off of America and onto Israel! Despite our sentiments of America’s importance on the world stage, all of human history revolves around the past, present, and future of Israel—and her king, Jesus!

What is that “big picture”? Where do you and I fit? What comes next? Good questions! You won’t want to miss this study of Daniels “70 weeks prophecy”. It’s the key to “understanding” everything.