Daniel 8:1-27

I am not sure if I feel more like a sports commentator or a Bible preacher! Why? Daniel has another vivid and descriptive vision. This time it’s the Bucks against the Rams with a surprise ending!

This chapter, like Daniel chapter 7, is full of action. The ram seems unstoppable, but wait—out of nowhere comes a male goat (otherwise known as a “buck”)! He is moving at lightning speed and charging right at the unstoppable ram. The tension is high as the raging buck attacks the stronger ram! Who will survive the colossal collision? Who will be victorious?

Now that you are on the edge of your seat, I can ask the more important questions. Who do the ram and the goat represent? What is the vision about? Why is this chapter so important, and why should you care?

If you listen in, you will learn why so many doubt that Daniel was really written in the 6th century BC. I’ll give you a hint. The information in chapter 8 is so detailed and accurate that it is hard to believe he wrote it; and maybe more importantly: that he wrote it over 200 years before it happened. You will also learn the identity of the Bucks’ MVP (most vicious prince).
Listen in and learn why you should have hope in dark times!