Daniel 7:1-28

If you could know the future, would you want to? Before you answer, think about it. Maybe you would want to clarify your answer based on whether it’s a good or bad future! “Yes, if such and such is true…“—or “no, unless…” You get the idea. Now hash that out in your mind!

If you could know the future of America, would you want to? What would you do with the information? Would it be comforting or would it be troubling? Would you tell people what you knew?

Coming back to our context in the book of Daniel, our Jewish friend has just such a dilemma, and after tomorrow so will you. After we walk through Daniel chapter seven, you too will know what Daniel knew in the 6th century BC! This chapter outlines an overview of world power using very visually dramatic and descriptive language. You’ll notice as we move through the chapter that is basically parallels Daniel chapter 2.

How does this information effect Daniel? What is the emotional response to the information God gives him? Listen in and find out! You can bet that Daniel’s vision is as relevant today as it was when God first opened his mind to see it.