Daniel 6:1-28

If you play a little “word association” and say the word “Daniel“, the immediate response for many would be lion’s den“. Chapter 6 is that well known Bible chapter that holds this famous story. People have heard of the story but many of them don’t really know the details. They don’t know about the new transitional government of the Medes and Persians or the new leadership structure. They don’t know about Daniel’s promotion or the political enemies he is making.

Hey, so why did he get thrown in that lion’s den anyway? Why didn’t the lion’s eat him alive? For me, one of the coolest aspects was the real fondness the king had for Daniel. You know, if you have integrity, are trustworthy, and really seem to care about people, you find God’s blessing in your work and relationships. When you live a Spirit filled life of loyalty to God, mouths get miraculously shut!

Listen in and see this miraculous story of God’s protection over His faithful servant Daniel!