Daniel 4:1-27

As we enter the much-anticipated fourth chapter of Daniel, sadly we are forced to break the chapter into two parts. We will look at verses 1-27 first, followed by the conclusion next time.

Absent from chapter three and the fiery furnace, Daniel is back on the scene and gets another chance at dream interpretation for the king. Like before in chapter two, the dream is troubling and causes confusion. The last dream was of a giant mixed media statue that was destroyed by a stone. This time his dream involves an enormous, beautiful, fruitful tree. But a declaration is made that the tree should be cut down! What?

Why would someone cut down a tree that is big and beautiful and fruitful? That seems wasteful, or even frivolous! What is the lesson, and how did this chapter influence the writing of our Constitution??

Oh my! Daniel chapter four is extremely important and relevant to the current events in our world. The more things change, the more they stay the same!