Daniel 2:1-30

The chapter is just too long and too important to speed through.  It is one of the most amazing prophetic passages in the whole Bible!

The chapter starts with a very troubling dream. By the end of the chapter Daniel and the others have been promoted and the mighty king of the Babylonian empire is acknowledging Daniel’s God as the true God. This is the stuff we live for!

The first 30 verses give the setup, and some important observations and contrasts.  We continue to see Daniel shine in the middle of crisis after crisis. In the initial identity crisis Daniel holds to his convictions. The crisis now is a matter of life and death!  Is Daniel freaking out?

How does the world system operate to produce the crisis?  How does Daniel respond to the crisis? Listen in and find out. As for the specific content of the dream and its interpretation—you’ll have to wait another week for that!