Daniel 12:1-13

What a remarkable feat of timing! God has orchestrated the end of the Book of Daniel with the week just before what many would argue is the most important election in our nation’s history. This election even has the attention of the whole world!

Daniel 12 is the “end” of the writings of Daniel, and it discusses the “end” of the prophetic time for Israel and the world. He even learns about those whose lives have come to an “end” under deadly oppression from the likes of Antiochus Epiphanes and Adolf Hitler.

What happens at the end? What becomes of Israel? What about me, personally? How do I fit into the big picture? What about planet earth? How troubling will it be?

What will knowing all of this do for me? How do I respond? Should we run around crazy looking for solutions? Should we build a wall around ourselves and wait for the end to come? Should we allow ourselves to be enveloped by fear? Will more knowledge and more science and more data save the human race? Listen in as we look at Daniel’s final message and try and understand God’s direction for our personal lives with this knowledge.