Daniel 11:25-45

As we finish up Daniel chapter 11 I hope to encourage you that the historical focus will be much narrower. That means fewer names to deal with! I also find much more application in this second half of chapter eleven.

If you look out into the distance, things that are farther away can be seen in less detail, while things that are closer can be seen more clearly and more detailed. Well, “close” and “far” are not relative to Daniel as he writes, but to where God’s focus is: on the Syrian king Antiochus Epiphanes. Let me explain.

The angel revealed to Daniel almost no detail at all about the succession of Persian kings or about Alexander the Great. Some detail is given about the various kings and struggles between Syria (Seleucid Dynasty) and Egypt (Ptolameic Dynasty). The closer we get the focal point, the more detail we are provided.

Now we have come to the focus: the nasty and wicked anti-semite king Antiochus Epiphanes. Why is he the focus and wny is so much detail given about him? Because he will act as a close (but not exact) example of what the final world ruler—Antichrist—will be like.

In this section you will discover the origin of the saying, “draw a line in the sand.” Want the details? Listen in and find out!