Daniel 11:1-24

How do you feel about history class? Do you remember “social studies” in school? Not your favorite class? It was not mine either. Memorize dates and events for the test and then forget it all after the test. Yuck!

And then I got saved and became a follower of Jesus and started reading the Bible. History began to be much more interesting because it was related to a big, worldwide story that connected all the dots and gave me a context to plug all the facts into.

Daniel chapters 10-12 are a single unit. Daniel 11 is the longest and most detailed prophecy in the Bible. It is so specific and so accurate that many have questioned if it could really have been written before the events happened. The person writing it must have already known what was going to happen because it is so precise!

God is sovereign (has complete authority and freedom to act), and He is omniscient (knows everything). The Bible is clear that God “declares the end from the beginning” (Isaiah 46:10). This chapter is astounding and historical as you see the hand of God working through human history. At the center of all history is the Jewish people and the city of Jerusalem. We will talk about things past, things present, and the prophecy will take us into the future as well!