Daniel 1:1-21

As we begin our study in the book of Daniel, I have had the opportunity to spend time pre-reading through the book and thinking about the man, Daniel; he’s an amazing guy!  Humble, gentle, courageous, stable. He is uprooted from family and neighborhood and culture and thrust into a new life of servitude in a Godless nation, Babylon.  How potentially traumatizing to a teenager!

But instead of seeing bitterness, anger, depression, or indulgence, we see a young man who prospers in a remarkable way, helping to lead an empire without compromise of Godly conviction.  In fact, Daniel wins the respect of four kings he serves under! Maybe Daniel’s influence is even behind the pilgrimage of the Magi coming from the East and following the Star of Bethlehem! How did Daniel beat the odds?  How did he thrive when others would have shriveled?

Think about the difference between “conviction” and “opinion”.  Is there a difference?  What is it?  Are you a person of conviction or just opinion? How does this relate to Daniel 1?  Listen in and see!