Daniel 10:1-21

We are closing in on the end of our study in Daniel. Although there are three chapters left, they all connect around one grand and detailed vision that Daniel has. It is so precise in its historical accuracy that many believe it could not have been written by Daniel! The scope reaches into and even past our own time.

For this study time we’ll look into chapter 10 and get the introduction to the vision. We get descriptive detail about the physical impact this event had on Daniel. His angelic experience might not climb the charts of the bestseller list if it was published today! Daniel is not the picture of people having strength and courage in the presence of angels.

Daniel’s desire to understand was heard immediately and God responded immediately. But, for some reason Daniel sees no answer to this prayer for three weeks! Have you ever wondered why prayers don’t always receive an answer immediately? Have you ever felt like God was acting too slowly on your behalf? Have you been tempted to think that maybe He doesn’t care or didn’t listen?

Hopefully Daniel 10 will change the way you think about prayer and what happens in the “heavenly realm” when you pray on earth. The reality may even surprise you!