Sermons from February 2016

Mark 13:14-37

Pastor Steve finishes up Mark chapter 13 this week with Jesus’s teaching on the tribulation and second coming via the prophecy from Daniel chapter 9. We took a detour to look back at this critical prophecy and its application to the current “church age” and how it relates to what we believe as the distinct…

Mark 13:1-13

Entering Mark chapter 13, Jesus’s attention is drawn to the beauty of Herod’s temple complex and He responds with a shocking prediction: “not one stone shall be left upon another” (v. 2). Of course this gets the disciple’s attention and they want to know the “when” and the signs that would come before this. This…

1 John 4:7-11 – Valentine’s Day 2016

Pastor Steve steps out of our study in the gospel of Mark to talk about God’s love (agape) from 1 John chapter 4. Real and unconditional love from God should overwhelm us when we really understand that “God is love” and our response should be to love one another with that same unconditional love.