Sermons from December 2015

Mark 10:32-52

Pastor Steve finishes up Mark chapter 10 as we close out 2015. We are now entering the final days of Jesus’s life and ministry before he heads to the cross in roughly a week from these events.

Peace & Joy at Christmas

Pastor Warren gives a Christmas message focusing on the “joy and peace” that is talked about in this holiday season, but looking deeper beyond the “Christmas card sentiments” to what brings true joy and peace from God. Starting from the traditional Christmas story in Luke 2 we travel all the way back to the Proverbs…

Mark 10:13-31

As we continue through Mark chapter 10 we have the story of the disciples refusing the parents bringing children to be blessed followed by the story of the “rich, young ruler”–did you know these stories are not randomly placed but actually are related? Listen in as Pastor Steve covers this next section of Mark and…