Sermons from August 2015

Mark 6:30-44

Pastor Steve continues teaching through Mark chapter 6, noting Jesus and his shepherd’s heart in having compassion on the crowds–who were “like sheep without a shepherd”; moved to the point of feeding them spiritually (teaching them) and physically (with the miracle of the feeding of 10,000+ people with 5 pita and 2 small fish).

Mark 6:14-29

In the middle of Mark chapter 6 we get the complete story of the end of John the Baptist’s life, who died a martyr because he dared to stand up and correct Herod (and his stolen wife, Herodias) for a sinful lifestyle. It is a story of revenge and bitterness, but also one of true…

Mark 6:1-12

Opening the next chapter in Mark, we find Jesus returning to Nazareth. The hometown crowd is amazed at his teaching, but somehow can’t bring themselves to not just see him as “the carpenter’s son”, and because of their unbelief his power there is limited. He then sends out the disciples in His name with His…

Mark 5:21-43

Continuing our study in Mark, Pastor Steve teaches through the interwoven stories of the woman with the “issue of blood” and the raising of Jairus’s daughter from the dead. The clips shown during the message are from the documentary “A Walk to Beautiful” which can be viewed for free online here:

Colossians 3

Taking a break from Mark for one week due to communion Sunday, Pastor Steve talks about the change of “clothing” that takes place when our lives are transformed by Christ, using the picture from Colossians 3 as our guide.