Sermons from May 2015

Mark 2:1-12

As we enter Mark chapter 2, we find the story of the paralytic and his friends who go to great lengths to get him to Jesus! Pastor Steve applied this story with a discussion of spiritual diligence and encouragement to press on in our pursuit of His presence and power.

Mark 1:40-45

Finishing the fast-paced first chapter of Mark, we find the story of a leper whom Jesus heals completely, possibly requiring for the first time ever the ritual of Leviticus 14 to be performed by the priests! Pastor Steve applies the truths of this story as well as looking at the pictures of Christ found in…

Mark 1:16-20

Who is the world following? What does it mean to “follow Jesus”? In this message, Pastor Steve takes us through Mark’s brief overview of the selection of Simon (Peter), Andrew, James and John as his first disciples, adding to the story from the account in Luke 5. We are challenged to think about what it…