2 Corinthians 4:1-6

After a three week break, we are back in 2 Corinthians tomorrow, picking up in chapter 4, verses 1-6. We are getting into some real “meaty” stuff here in the next two chapters!

I don’t want your brain to overheat, so I will keep this simple and brief. Paul talks twice in the next section about “not losing heart” — 4:1 and 4:16. Evidently, this is really on his mind! It is easy to think that Paul is just a ministry machine or robot. He just goes and goes and never struggles with being discouraged. Did Paul ever feel like giving up on life or ministry? Did he ever feel like packing it in? Wouldn’t you like to know what kept him going? With such opposition, difficulty, and pain, why didn’t he just give up?

Have you ever felt like the passion for life has just gone? You have no more wind in your sails, nor passion in your heart? Then I assure you that this next section may give some really crucial Biblical advice.

Paul was not a machine, but he knew how to look at his life. He knew how to think correctly about things. This is why chapter 4 begins with “Therefore…we do not lose heart.” There is a “therefore” that gives us the reason.

What is the reason? How can you find passion and purpose for life? Listen in as Pastor Steve shares these important truths over the next few chapters of 2 Corinthians.