2 Corinthians 2:5-17

We pick up in 2nd Corinthians chapter 2, verse 5 as we make our way through this very personal and very revealing exchange between Paul and the people in Corinth.

This next section offers a “case study” of sorts. Paul discusses a very specific situation involving an unnamed individual in the Corinthian church. The person’s behavior was causing issues and effecting everyone in the church! Too often people think their behavior is their business and just affects them. That couldn’t be more wrong, especially when it comes to sinful behavior. If we are to live in “family” or community, then we have to realize that our choices affect other people, like it or not.

Well, the Corinthians took Pauls advice and did something about the issue. They didn’t look to Paul to do it! The whole church urged that person to do the right thing! That is powerful; and it worked! It was time to welcome this person back in with open arms and open hearts. The spiritual “time out” is over and love is reaffirmed.

Who is this person? What did they do? How might Satan himself be waiting for an opportunity in the middle of such a situation? For a discussion of this and much more listen in as we cover this section of chapter two.