2 Corinthians 13:1-14

Today’s message brings our 2nd Corinthians to a close by covering all of chapter 13! Paul has finished defending himself and his foolish boasting. Emotionally exhausted, he takes a breath and discusses with this church a future visit before he closes the letter.

If you remember, Paul has been scrutinized and criticized by the Corinthians. But—wait a second—in verse 5 Paul uses the word “yourself” three times in an emphatic way. He tells them they should be scrutinizing themselves and taking a look at themselves! You know the old saying: “Every time you point the finger you have three pointing back at you!” You know it so much easier to criticize others than to actually look at ourselves. He asks them if they are really believers! What a question! Will they pass the test?

Paul is ready to play hard ball with this Corinthian church; if they are even a church at all! He is hopeful they will take a look in the mirror and sort things out so that when he comes they can have an enjoyable visit.

Listen in and see how this very personal and emotional letter concludes!