2 Corinthians 12:11-21

We will start off today’s continuation of our study in 2 Corinthians with a lighter view of parenting. Why? Although 2 Cor 12 is not a passage about parenting, Paul uses parenting as an analogy to discuss his relationship with the Corinthian believers. And it is ever so appropriate! They are a church of spiritual babies!

Paul has been forced into foolishly boasting and now he is winding down. He continues to defend himself against their cultural view of an accomplished pastor and their cultural view of being a Christian. He discusses an upcoming visit he will make. Gulp! How will it go? What will he find when he gets there? This is where the parenting analogy comes in.

You’ll have to listen in for the rest, but I will tell you that vv 14-15 have really served me well over the years. The lighter side of parenting will yield to the challenging side of ministry! As Charles Spurgeon said about ministry, “If you can do anything else and be happy, by all means do it. If you can’t, then maybe you are truly called to ministry.” Thats a quote from memory, but you get the idea! Come and see!