2 Corinthians 12:1-10

This week we enter chapter 12 of 2nd Corinthians covering verses 1-10. This passage is packed with both curiosity and familiarity!

Curiosity? In being forced to brag a bit, Paul meets the false teachers on the field of spiritual revelation and vision! Paul had his share of visions—you can read more about this in the book of Acts. It is curious that Paul talks about himself in the third person—as if he is speaking about someone else. And he tells of a vision of Paradise that is impossible to explain! Why does he talk about himself that way? What is Heaven like?

Familiarity? You have heard about Paul’s “thorn in the flesh”. You have heard the verse, “My grace is sufficient?” The mighty miracle working Paul, who has healed others, is struggling as to why he is not being healed from this “thorn”. What is the thorn? Why doesn’t God answer Paul’s prayer by taking the thorn away?

Ultimately, Paul recognizes that bragging is useless and only valuable for self-promotion. He doesn’t want to manipulate people to think too highly of him. This is a fantastic passage and we’ll unpack it together! Listen in and see!