2 Corinthians 11:1-15

As we continue this intense section of 2nd Corinthians, we open chapter eleven where Paul finds himself being forced to meet his arrogant opponents with some of his own bragging and self defense. These chapters are filled with comments about bragging and boasting, and it makes Paul very uncomfortable!

Last week we discussed tearing down the stronghold of comparison—Paul refused to even try to even be in the same class with people who brag about what they have done and accomplished. Paul would rather brag about what Jesus has done. That’s humility at its finest, and it is the way out of the comparison trap.

But what next? That doesn’t really help the Corinthians who are being deceived by the lofty claims and loud mouth self promotion of the false teachers. People are being sucked in by their claims and trusting them as they run down the Apostle Paul in his absence.

So Paul has to tear down the stronghold of convincing lies—and those that tell them! Information is powerful, but only when it is received and believed and trusted. We are all aware of the power of fake news. Whatever you believe, even a lie, becomes true for you. It becomes the integrated information by which you live. What you say really doesn’t matter, it is what you believe in the depths of your heart that matters. Oh yes, they can be different things! The eyes of the heart are what really drives your life. What if you have believed a smoothly crafted lie? Just ask Eve!

Watch as Paul urges the Corinthians to look behind the veil! Behind these smooth talking, self promoting, Jewish-law-keeping teachers is an institution for whom they work and an agenda they are promoting. Who is their boss? What is the agenda? What and who do they want you to trust? Listen in as we look for answers to these questions in this powerful response by Paul to the false teachers.