2 Corinthians 1:1-11

As we continue our journey through the New Testament, today we open up to the first chapter of 2nd Corinthians and get started into this very personal letter between the Apostle Paul and the Corinthian church.

One very common misunderstanding is that God, in His infinite power and love, would never let His children suffer; but that is not a biblical truth. In fact, we learn that pain and discomfort are really important in our lives. Some of the most valuable life experiences are the painful ones!

No one likes to experience pain, but everyone experiences it on some level. This can be physical pain, relational pain, and/or emotional pain. The root of it may be external or internal. As Christians, we are not immune from discomfort. However, it’s right there that we have the opportunity to discover something about God: that He comforts. How does He comfort? Can He really help me?

Another thing suffering and pain do is make us compassionate. When you have suffered or experienced painful pressures and emotions, you understand how it feels in the lives of others and for many there is a desire to help. Think about ministries like GriefShare, singles ministry, Divorce Recovery, addictions ministry, cancer support —— all born from a desire to come alongside of others who are suffering and to comfort and encourage them!

Where do you go for comfort? Food, drugs and alcohol, video games, social media? Do you isolate or do you look to work through pain with God or a friend? These are the topics we will address right out of the starting gate with 2nd Corinthians!